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At Money Talks Baltimore, Well-Being is at the heart of everything we do, and client safety is our top priority.

To keep our valued clients and the Community safe, we decided to exclusively offer video and other alternative counseling services. All financial workshops, wellness groups and in-person sessions have been cancelled.

Please know, I am closely monitoring news and information regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19). Full services will be restored once the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), and local governments say it is safe to do so.

I will be working remotely during normal business hours should you need any more information, have any questions or want to share concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact the main number at 410-670-5889 or contact me by email,

It is my privilege to serve you and I thank you for your understanding and support.

Stay safe,

Latisha Christensen, LCSW-C

What is Financial Therapy?

It is inevitable for individuals to have a relationship with money and sometimes that relationship is unhealthy.

Financial Therapy uniquely allows clients to address the roots of self-defeating behavior and confront their relationship with money.

With the help of a trained mental health professional, clients can be supported in making healthier financial choices.

Our Mission

Money Talks Baltimore was created to help individuals rethink and rebuild a healthier relationship with money.

By combining clinical strategies and financial therapy, we can help you to achieve a balanced community of self and finances.

We Provide a variety of counseling options

Individual Therapy

Therapy can provide a fresh perspective on a conflict and help point you in the direction of a solution. Sessions help to address many types of issues including depression, anxiety, relationship conflict, work and career issues, unwanted thoughts and behaviors, grief, stress/anger management and general life transitions.

Special attention is given to individual financial health and how it relates to mental and emotional well-being.

Couples Therapy

Sessions are focused on couples working through the challenges of trust, power struggles, communication and values that require constant adjustment and refinement.

Special attention is given to the emotional sources of money problems, planning for healthy codependency and creating aligned money goals.

Family Therapy

Sometimes the family is the client. Family systems can be complex and it can be the best way to correct a problem dynamic.

Sessions are used to improve communication, provide support and resolve conflicts that threaten positive interactions. Special attention is given to financial behaviors that endanger the family and achievement of healthy financial interdependence.

Financial Education Support Groups

Group work is used to help individuals connect to financial thoughts, feelings and attitudes in a new and different way.

Group members embark on a 10-week journey gaining self-awareness and guidance on making healthier financial choices leading to greater financial health. Group members will be given a manual and will follow the model developed by the Center for Financial Social Work.

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Financial Therapist vs. Financial Advisor

It is well documented that financial literacy and education alone do not help individuals change dysfunctional money behaviors.

The attitude and beliefs one has about money directly impacts how they behave with it and relate to it.

Financial planners/advisors are investment professionals who help individuals manage and optimize their money.

Financial counselors help individuals address a specific area of financial concern, offers solutions and budgeting advice. Financial coaches help establish healthy routines to meet financial goals.

Financial therapists are mental health professionals trained to address mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression, severe mental illness symptoms, money disorders such as gambling and significant relationship dysfunction caused by financial conflicts.

A holistic approach to money problems includes a financial therapist to address the psychological aspects affecting financial behavior and another financial expert.

Smart Investors Club

Award Amount: $8,458.61

Project Description: The Smart Investors Club is a fun, interactive, hands-on financial educational program for Baltimore City youth ages 14-18. The goal of the program is to promote financial wellness by teaching youth to manage and save money, start a personal budget, set smart financial goals, learn accountability for choices and learn ways to invest in their community. Financial wellness is needed because youth are often excluded from conversations about money and are kept from making financial decisions. Services will be provided by Money Talks Baltimore, LLC and Wise Mind Counseling, LLC, two emerging minority business enterprises owned by Social Workers who believe quality of life is achieved by mental and financial health.

The Program will provide an interactive, hands-on financial educational program for 10 African-American youth ages 14-18, over an eight-week period to build improved financial literacy and responsible money habits, learn how to create budgets and develop smart financial goals. Sessions will be held once a week.

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